One-to-One Device Guidebook

one-to-one guidebookThe guidebook covers a wide range of themes and topics that relate to the management of a school’s one-to-one device strategy; such as school leadership, curriculum design, managing educational and technological change, financial management, the procurement process, device choice, training and more. The guidebook examines the potential impact of a ubiquitous computing model on schools and upon the education sector as a whole.

It is hoped that the guidebook will be a useful reference point for any school that is planning, implementing or reviewing a one-to-one device program. Click here to purchase the One-to-One Device Guidebook from iTunes.

The guidebook covers the following topics:

  • School Leadership
  • Curriculum Design and Pedagogy
  • Managing Technological and Educational Change
  • Financial Modelling
  • Sustainability
  • Device Choice
  • Technical Design
  • Training
  • The Procurement Process
  • Safety Issues and
  • How ubiquitous computing is shaping the development of education services